Fred Green Plumbers are experienced in commercial projects such as office refurbishments involving new tea prep areas, remodeling existing toilet facilities and creating new toilet facilities. Installation of new restaurant kitchens including grease trap installations and new shop fit outs. Our clients range from business owners to large commercial contractors.

We have carried out work on new medical centers, hair salons, bank refurbishments, Pubs & cafes, school projects, local government sporting facilities new builds and refurbishments. We are experienced in the preparation of JSA’S and SWMS for all occupational health and safety requirements.



Fred Green Plumbers specialise in plumbing installations for new homes, renovations and additions servicing owner builders through to high end architectural projects both north and south of the river. We pride ourselves on being able to work with our clients to achieve their end result on time and on budget.

Our experienced staff have assisted clients from the small owner builder to some of Perths award winning architects. We have tackled jobs from the simple to the complicated. So whether it’s a small job like adding a kitchen or bathroom to your house or a large renovation or addition give us a call and experience the Fred Green Plumbers service.

Pressure and temperature sensors on the pipeline


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Fred Green Plumbers are Perth’s “drainage installation specialists”.

We are known throughout the metro area and the trade for our work in the Sewer Conversion field however we also specialise in all facets of the drainage field including repairs to damaged pipes, replacement of old property sewer systems, septic tank installations, Grey and Black water systems, new sewer junction cut ins, property sewer drain installation and alterations for strata title sub divisions, Storm water installations and harvesting systems.

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